Skopic Develops Information Network In Local Communities

Unlike the most popular social apps available today, which emphasize people search and people networking, Skopic’s new social paradigm focuses on “communities and information networking”. “It is one empowering platform that promotes community development and success” says Murali Pidathala who is the Chief Evangelist and Co-founder at Skopic, Inc.  When fully understood and adopted, this platform has a great potential sustain the user adoption over the long term unlike the most new social apps which cannot sustain for lack for end user value in the demographics they serve. 

Ravi Gudapati, who is another Co-founder and investor at Skopic says, “Skopic is possibly the best platform that is currently out there to share and mine local knowledge for instant information networking”

Using Skopic these last few months has been a interesting and stimulating process. The potential for Skopic to help people share their knowledge with others in a live format is great. This allows for information and ideas to be shared within a community without spam or unrelated information being thrown into the mix. Also with every month Skopic has been evolving, bringing increased stability and more functionality. I am excited to see how Skopic evolves as more people realize its' value to share knowledge from individuals within communities.

Sam Gutierrez, President, Urban Planning Coalition & Masters Candidate @ San Jose State University

Although, most popular social apps have sort of purpose in them, they fail to address the use case perfectly identified in SKopic’s vision. The big data analytics coming off Skopic platform can really be powerful for leaders in local governments, communities and education to be more responsive and make informed governing choices.

The upcoming iPhone of version of the app also supports the extension on the Apple watch. Skopic is currently pursuing initial adoptions phase targeting school neighborhoods, cause communities and college campuses in SF Bay Area. However, to create new communities in any part of the country, users can simply send an invite via or mobile apps and the communities can go live within 24 to 48 hours.

The Co-founders, Murali Pidathala [@murlee] and Ravi Gudapati are longtime residents of Silicon Valley and Skopic is a product of their life experiences integrated with the challenges presented the current social media.

Stay tuned for additional market updates from Skopic!


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